Power of Prayer

prayinng in groups


Prayer is the key to having a vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. It is a work for all people and the foundation upon which DFC moves forward and the kingdom of God advances. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has led DFC to encourage people to pray and to teach them how to talk with God and to hear from him. PRMI does this by equipping others and developing intercessors, and through a high-level intercession network.

Equipping Others

DFC offers a variety of ways for people to learn about intercessory prayer and listening prayer.

Resources include:

  • Ignite and Dunamis Video Projects (see Growing the Church)
  • The Dunamis Project and Advanced Ministry courses (see Equipping Leaders)
  • Prayer walks
  • Books such as:    
    • Prayer that Shapes the Future: How to Pray with Power and Authority 
    • Passage Through the Wilderness: A Journey of the Soul
    • Growing in Friendship with Jesus. 

For more on these books, go to the PRMI resource centre at PRMI Resources

"The walk was beautiful! It was powerful, peaceful, meaningful and just a lovely time for people to spend alone with their God in the company of others doing the same." -TG

Prayer Walk Banners

IntercessionJanet Prayer Intercessor

DFC has an active group of intercessors who pray for God's will to be done in advancing his kingdom. During training events, they pray on and off-site. The presence of intercessors "on the wall" (standing and sitting around the room) has reassured many participants that they have coverage as they learn. Our intercessors also pray for the on-going work of the ministry. If you are interested in being part of this intercessory group, please contact us at Dunamis Intercessors. DFC also encourages each church or group sponsoring an event to have intercessors pray both for protection and for participants to grow closer to Jesus.