Mission Outreach

Garys_Haiti_Dunamis_2009_034Jesus equips his Church with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so his people might engage in mission in an effective way, bearing witness to Jesus locally and cross-culturally. Dunamis Fellowship Canada helps prepare Christians to do their part in fulfilling the Great Commission by providing training and supporting outreach initiatives.

Equipping others

DFC helps Christians to do evangelistic and mission outreach by equipping them to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, who is the director of church growth, missions and evangelism. In Acts 1:4-8, Jesus established the Holy Spirit as the way that we could take part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The programs include

    • Ignite and Dunamis Video Projects (see Growing the Church), which teach on cooperating with the Holy Spirit
    • The Dunamis Project, which has a course on evangelism (see Equipping Leaders)

 Outreach projects

At this time Dunamis Fellowship Canada (DFC) does not have its own mission initiatives but seeks to cooperate with PRMI (Presbyterian Reformed Ministry International) in its initiatives. Canadians have participated in PRMI missions such as those to Haiti and Indonesia.

For more on PRMI Mission Outreach, https://www.prmi.org/ministry-areas/mission-outreach.