Ministry Expressions

DFC has four main areas of ministry to help you and your Church grow:

  • Praying with Power involves teaching on prayer and making it the foundation for DFC ministry.
  • Growing the Church provides practial teaching on cooperating with the Holy Spirit to advance the kingdom of God.
  • Equipping Leaders through the Dunamis Project, which provides in-depth, experiental learning.
  • Mission Outreach to deploy people for evangelism and teaching.

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Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

This conference allows pastors, church leaders and lay people to immerse in a biblical and Reformed teaching on the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that the conference will help prepare and equip congregational leaders to join the work the Spirit is doing today in their local context.

Dunamis Project

The Dunamis Project is a series of six intensive training events. The series is offered as 4-5-day intensive events that typically take place twice a year in the same location. The workshop environment embraces prayer, trust, mutual accountability, and a full expression of the spiritual gifts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God

  1. Gateways to Empowered Ministry -  on the person and work of the Holy Spirit
  2. In the Spirit’s Power  - on the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit
  3. The Power of Prayer 
  4. The Healing Ministry of Jesus 
  5. Equipping for Spiritual Warfare & Kingdom AdvancemenT
  6. Listening Evangelism - Evangelism and Missions in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Projects 1 thru 6


The Teaching

All teachers are faculty members of the Dunamis Institute.


Advanced Ministry Training

Advanced Ministry Courses take people further in knowledge and practical application in specific areas of cooperation with the Holy Spirit beyond the Dunamis Project. The goal is to raise up well-equipped Holy Spirit empowered leaders.

At present the courses are taught mainly in the USA with the most frequent offerings being:

  • Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course
  • High Level Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Growing in Intercession

For more information please go to the Dunamis Institute


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Prayer is the key to having a vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. It is a work for all people and the foundation upon which DFC moves forward and the kingdom of God advances. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has led DFC to encourage people to pray and to teach them how to talk with God and to hear from him. PRMI does this by equipping others and developing intercessors, and through a high-level intercession network.

Equipping Others

DFC offers a variety of ways for people to learn about intercessory prayer and listening prayer.

Resources include:

  • Ignite and Dunamis Video Projects (see Growing the Church)
  • The Dunamis Project and Advanced Ministry courses (see Equipping Leaders)
  • Prayer walks
  • Books such as:    
    • Prayer that Shapes the Future: How to Pray with Power and Authority 
    • Passage Through the Wilderness: A Journey of the Soul
    • Growing in Friendship with Jesus. 

For more on these books, go to the PRMI resource centre at PRMI Resources

"The walk was beautiful! It was powerful, peaceful, meaningful and just a lovely time for people to spend alone with their God in the company of others doing the same." -TG

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IntercessionJanet Prayer Intercessor

DFC has an active group of intercessors who pray for God's will to be done in advancing his kingdom. During training events, they pray on and off-site. The presence of intercessors "on the wall" (standing and sitting around the room) has reassured many participants that they have coverage as they learn. Our intercessors also pray for the on-going work of the ministry. If you are interested in being part of this intercessory group, please contact us at Dunamis Intercessors. DFC also encourages each church or group sponsoring an event to have intercessors pray both for protection and for participants to grow closer to Jesus.

Jesus equips his Church with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so his people might engage in mission in an effective way, bearing witness to Him locally and cross-culturally. 

Equipping Others

DFC helps Christians to do evangelistic and mission outreach by equipping them to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the director of church growth, missions and evangelism. In Acts 1:4-8, Jesus established the Holy Spirit as the way that we could take part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Training Programs

    • Ignite
    • Dunamis Video Projects 
    • The Dunamis Project

Outreach Projects

At this time DFC does not have its own mission initiatives. Canadians have participated in PRMI missions to Haiti, Indonesia, Israel and more. For more on our Mission Initiatives:  PRMI Mission Outreach



gtc headerWe have a passion to see congregations on fire with faith in Jesus Christ, growing in dynamic loving fellowship, and empowered with the Holy Spirit for outreach and missions. To help congregations grow in these areas, DFC offers Growing the Church in the Holy Spirit conferences in various locations. These are geared for pastors, elders and other congregational leaders. (see Equipping Leaders and current events for further information on conferences).  

Dunamis Video Course 

Video Course Learning

PRMI has produced a series of Dunamis courses that can be taught in churches and small groups over 10-weeks. The courses are part of the move of the Holy Spirit for igniting renewal and engagement in missions and evangelism in local congregations.

These courses provide participants with a dynamic combination of teaching, testimony, worship, ministry and debriefing. It results in long-lasting growth in individuals and groups.

This well-developed curriculum includes many elements of the Dunamis Project and is grounded in the Bible, based on a Reformed theological framework. It is also time tested to be transferable and effective in many different cultural contexts.

Currently the Video Course materials (student manuals and DVDs) are available for

  • Gateways to Empowered Ministry
  • In the Spirit's Power
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Listening Evangelism

Those who facilitate the Video Course need to be trained and equipped for leadership. DFC provides this training.

To ask about using the Dunamis Course, please contact DFC at or 519-821-3603.


Ignite flame

Ignite events introduce congregations to teaching on the Holy Spirit.

The purpose is to kindle or rekindle the fires of renewal in the Holy Spirit so congregations may have deepening fellowship, a growing faith in Jesus Christ, and empowerment to advance the Kingdom of God.

Taught from a Reformed perspective, Ignite conveys a biblical message that enriches congregations.

The content and length of each event (which can be as short as a day) are tailored to the needs of the participating church.

The event includes worship, teaching, testimonies, practical application of the teaching, prayer and community building.

Ignite Topics

  • Welcome, Holy Spirit! is the story of God’s empowering work in building the Church and advancing his kingdom.
  • Building the Body of Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit covers the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in doing the work of Jesus Christ to accomplish the purposes of God the Father.
  • Prayer in the Power of the Holy Spirit takes a fresh look at becoming a praying church and participating with our heavenly Father in bringing forth his Kingdom on Earth. 

To bring Ignite to your congregation

To inquire about having an Ignite event in your church, please contact DFC at or 519-821-3603. 

The Cost of the Ignite and Video Courses

PRMI and DFC do not charge for ministry. Rather, we ask for an opportunity to share our vision and receive an offering during the Ignite event and ask the facilitators of video courses to do the same. Expenses for the congregation and the team will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

As a registered charity Dunamis Fellowship Canada will issue income tax receipts for donations.