Keeping in Step with the Holy Spirit

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit

We use the metaphor of dancing with the Holy Spirit to describe the dynamic of our listening, responding and steping out in obedience to follow God on the dance floor of love to advance his Kingdom.  Our events give opportunity to be grounded in solid biblical teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and to cultivate practice in listening and responding to the Holy Spirit.

How does DFC help equip the Church in Canada?

Our vision statement defines our focus on four main areas of ministry:

  • Prayer    Prayer is foundational.  We teach people to pray, we bathe our events in Intercessory prayer, and we practice listening prayer as leadership teams and in our approach to evangelism.  The third Dunamis Project (in the series of six), The Power of Prayer, focuses particularly on prayer.  We teach on prayer, give opportunity to practice prayer and make it the foundation for DFC ministry.  Our Prayer Mobilizer, Martin Boardman, offers equipping, networking and prayer events, within and beyond Canada, connecting intercessors internationally.
  • Growing the Church provides practical teaching on cooperating with the Holy Spirit in a congregational context.
  • Leadership Development particularly through our Dunamis Projects, Growing the Church conferences and on-line, provides in-depth, experiential learning on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to advance Jesus' Kingdom.
  • Mission Outreach to deploy people for evangelism and teaching.

Our teachers are faculty of the Dunamis Institute.