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Only the Holy Spirit can provide the empowerment to advance Jesus' Kingdom.

Do you ache to see the Great Commission fulfilled, but know that it is impossible in your own strength? While many of us know Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would energize our faith, we don't do well at living in the fulness of the Holy Spirit.

Dunamis Fellowship Canada helps equip people to experience and live in the reality of Jesus' promise by providing biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit, and practical applications of the teaching. It also provides a community of Spirit-empowered believers who support each other in their spiritual development.


What is Dunamis Fellowship Canada?

Dunamis Fellowship Canada is part of a world-wide move of the Holy Spirit, rooted in the Reformed stream of the church of Jesus Christ.

We share a vision statement with Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries, International (PRMI):

Exalting Jesus Christ!
Igniting the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit
under the authority of the Holy Bible as the Word of God
Through Prayer, Leadership Development,
Growing the Church and Mission Outreach

So that the Church may be empowered to do all that Christ commands
For the glory of God the Father!

Our primary means of furthering this mission is through equipping events of various types. 

   Growing the Church Conferences
   Dunamis Project
   Dunamis Video Courses

   Advanced Courses
   DFC Annual Gathering


DFC is part of the wave of the Holy Spirit that is advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide, and is a regional partner with Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International (PRMI). Dunamis (doo-na-miss) is the Greek word that means "power". 

Dunamis Fellowship Canada (DFC) can help you keep in step with the Holy Spirit!

We use the metaphor of dancing with the Holy Spirit to describe the dynamic of our listening, responding and steping out in obedience to follow God on the dance floor of love to advance his Kingdom.  Our events give opportunity to be grounded in solid biblical teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and to cultivate practice in listening and responding to the Holy Spirit.

What is Dunamis Fellowship Canada?

DFC is a ministry with charitable status in Canada and members across Canada. It is part of the great wave of the Holy Spirit that is advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ and is a regional expression of PRMI (Presbyterian Reformed Minisitries International).

Although the fellowship’s historic roots are in the Presbyterian and Reformed stream of the Christian faith, it serves people from many denominations.

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